Kamikoto Popularity

kamikoto knivesWhen people choose knives for their kitchens, they want practicality, durability and ease of use. They also want a beautiful product they can display with pride.
Japan’s Kamikoto knives meet all of these standards. These carefully built blades are popular among both chefs and casual cooks and have even captured the attention of serious collectors.



Every Kamikoto knife has 800 years of history and craftsmanship behind it. Honshu Island is the center of Japanese steel making, forging katana blades for emperors and naval officers over the centuries. The art has been handed down through family lines, resulting in multiple generations of skilled knife making that continues today. Holding a Kamikoto knife is holding a piece of history.

Kamikoto knife creation process


When a Kamikoto knife arrives in a stunning, custom-made wood box, it is the end result of a meticulous 19-step process that takes several years to complete. The steel begins its life as iron ore in the Japanese mountain ranges and is liquefied over a coal fire at 1,922 degrees Fahrenheit. It is then cooled and molded over a five-day period before being cut and shaped. After the bolsters and handles are attached by hand, the steel is polished to perfection and sharpened to a fine edge. Each blade goes through a strict inspection regimen before leaving the facility. A Kamikoto knife is a lifetime investment and one of the best money can buy.


With so many knives on the market, it can be tough to compete. Kamikoto’s dedication to both ancient tradition and high-quality workmanship have made it a popular choice, especially among chefs. The allure is the single-bevel design. While double-bevel knives have their advantages, single bevel prevents food from sticking to the blade. This allows for a better work flow in busy restaurant kitchens where there is not time to stop and clean the knife. Even the most casual of cooks will appreciate this as it will help them get through their chopping and slicing much faster.


Using a Kamikoto knife is a very pleasurable experience, and this has helped to build the brand’s popularity. Each blade has perfect balance, which reduces the risk of slipping and possibly causing an injury. In addition, knives with very heavy handles often get dropped, resulting in chips or other types of damage that shorten the life of the blades. Kamikoto knives are comfortable to hold, and the blade stays true and sharp through many hours of food preparation.

Japanese Steel Knives


Another quality feature of Kamikoto knives is their durability. People love the corrosion-resistant blades that keep their edge even with daily use. The handles do not mildew or rust, and they will keep their luster over time. When properly cared for and sharpened when needed, Kamikoto knives will provide a decade or more of service.


A product is only as good as the company that makes it, and this is where Kamikoto really shines. It takes a customer-first approach when providing support, engaging at a sympathetic level that is not common in the modern world. The company prides itself on seeing any issue from the customer’s point of view, which establishes a relationship of respect and trust. This philosophy has made Kamikoto a standout in the business world and helped it to build its current popularity with knife enthusiasts.

Anyone who is looking for high-quality blades for either the kitchen or a collection should look no further than Kamikoto knives. The brand offers an impressive, durable and beautiful product that will last for many years to come.